We built 2 new bunkers and 6 new tunnels for compost production with the aim of incubated compost production (PHASE III COMPOST)

13/04/2022 | Innovation

In May 2019, we completed the construction of two new compost fermentation bunkers, which further confirms our commitment to expand production capacities of the best mushroom compost.

Champicomp has a total of 10 compost fermentation bunkers. In late 2020, we built six new tunnels for compost pasteurization and incubation. Tunnels are the heart of compost production, and that is why, when purchasing equipment, we opted for the world’s most eminent tunnel manufacturer, CHRISTIAENS Production B.V. – THE NETHERLANDS.

In this way, we managed to raise our production to the highest world level in technical and technological terms. The investment was completed in October 2020, while in November we produced and launched the first incubated compost tunnel (phase III compost).

Constant investment in knowledge, technology and production resources remains the main mission of our company.