We plan, carefully implement
and control every stage of the
production process.

Expert team

Experience and expertise are fundamental to the level of quality we offer. We are proud to have Johan Vogelzangs, a chief technologist and third-generation expert consultant in the field of mushroom cultivation of the Vogelzangs family.

Formal education of agriculture receives at the University of Padua. While studying, experience gained working for companies in the north of Italy. His professional development continued in the Netherlands, US and Italy as a production manager.

He has visited Germany, Denmark and Ireland, and now travels often to Poland and Italy, providing professional consulting services on a weekly basis. He is fluent in Italian, Dutch and English, and speaks Serbian, Spanish, German, and Portuguese.

He has been active on the domestic market since 2006, and in 2016 became the chief technologist of Champicomp.

Johan Vogelzangs

chief technologist

Jelena Kitić

laboratory assistant

Aleksandar Nestorović


Superior technology

We follow innovations in the production process. Technological competence and modern equipment significantly contribute to the quality of our products. We monitor and control the entire production using our computers. We monitor the quality of compost in our laboratories.

Top quality of raw materials

We opted for the best-quality straw from Vojvodina and Homolje. We choose chicken manure with a rich composition of nutrients. We cooperate with the most recognised producers of mycelium and supplements on the world market.

Modern equipment

Through constant investment, we improve the basic production resources, which keeps us in the leading position. We rely on the latest technical achievements in agro-industry. That is why we cooperate with renowned manufacturers of machines and equipment.