Solar panels in the production of champignon compost

01/07/2022 | Innovation

At a time when the prices of electrical energy are constantly increasing and when pollution exceeds tolerance limits, we decided to invest in solar power plants. In addition to being financially more profitable, solar systems guarantee a cleaner and, therefore, healthier environment.

In 2022, we invested in solar panel installation in our compost factory. It is a photovoltaic system with a hybrid battery inverter. This means that all the energy we produce can be used for our factory needs, while the excess is stored in batteries.

The plain Vojvodina regions, where our company is located, record a large number of sunny hours. Solar panels can be used in all climate zones, and our climate is one of the most suitable for their use.

A 460 W solar panel produces an annual average of 1.84–2.3 kWh on a daily basis for 4–5 hours of operation. In a month, we can produce an average of 55.2–69 kWh per panel.