Recommendations for nursery disinfection

16/05/2022 | Other news

Two to three days before removing the used compost from the room where the problem occurred (nematodes, acarinae, flies, pathogens), make sure to spray the compost with a 2% formalin solution. The room temperature should be 18–20°C. This is to reduce the infectious potential and minimize the spread of pathogens and pests during composting.

Before compost removal, the room should be ventilated from formalin fumes. Close other rooms in the nursery well to achieve overpressure and prevent contamination.
Load the compost removed directly into the vehicle and take it at least 2 km away from the nursery. If the vehicle is returning to the nursery, be sure to wash it thoroughly before entering. After emptying the room, perform a thorough washing, and then apply a disinfection cycle lasting 6 days, at a temperature of 18–20°C.

Day Procedure Agent
Day 1 Destruction of flies and mites, by spraying or fogging Rufast solution 15 EC 500 EC 10 ml + Actelicc 50 EC 50 ml + 10 litres of water (for 100 m2)
Day 2 Disinfection and gasification 1 litre of formalin with the addition of 1 kg of quicklime or 250 g of potassium permanganate (for 100 m3)
Day 3 The room is well closed and formalin vapours are working.
Day 4 If the ventilation system allows for recirculation, it must be left running
Day 5 Make sure to blow out formalin vapours (to avoid the characteristic smell of formalin) Etiol liquid solution 600 EC 30 ml + Basudin 600 EW 50 ml + Benomil 10 g + 10 litres of water (for 100 m2)
Day 6 Painting walls and floors
Day 7 New compost can be brought in. Immediately after bringing it in, spray the briquettes, shelves, walls and floor with one of the above insecticide, acaricide and fungicide combinations

All these measures should also be carried out in the corridor through which the compost was brought out (formalin treatment can be replaced by, for example, Peralam S due to the impossibility of pressurization). The area around the nursery should be disinfected (as large a circle as possible) by spraying with a 2% solution of Peral S, and after 2 days with an insecticide, acaricide and fungicide combination (e.g. Decis 2.5 EC 10 ml + Rufast 15 EC 5 ml + Benomil 10 g + 10 litres of water for an area of 100 m2), or one of the two aforementioned combinations. From the compost bringing in to its covering, every 3 days it is possible to carry out anti-fly and anti-mite wall and floor treatments.

Make sure you use disinfectants that have not expired.